What Others Are Saying


Rita is a spring of knowledge and encouragement. Her combination of brilliant insights and true heart, are a powerful combination. She is an important voice – whether speaking or writing or mentoring – that will inspire and edify many. If you’re blessed enough to be her audience, take lots of notes. Hers is wisdom worth remembering.”

Kimberly Kuo
SVP, Public Affairs, Communications & Communities at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated


Rita has keen insight in understanding people and exercises wisdom in her assessments. She is a clear and vivid communicator, invoking open and honest exchange. Her ability to interpret the Word of God in a deep riveting and thought provoking style mixed with personal stories that make you cry and laugh. I highly recommend her to you for your coaching needs or speaking.

Peter Faulkner
Vice President, Development, Brewton-Parker College, Mt. Vernon, GA


You can’t put Rita in a neat little box and say that she is just an executive coach, counselor,writer, or speaker. She is definitely all those things — and more! She zeroes in on people issues with an agility, insight and discernment that enable her to quickly identify and diagnose core issues. Everyone who has an encounter with Rita comes away feeling lifted up, encouraged, with a renewed sense of their unique giftedness and where and how to live out that purpose in their career.

Connie Day
CPG Marketing & Product Management


Rita understands people like no one else I know. Her discernment and perceptive skills are laser focused and she can listen to the heart of a person as well as hearing the facts. Her ability to listen emphatically and make life plan recommendations is uncanny. If you are looking for a life coach, an HR trouble shooter, a human capital assessment or simply a friend who deeply cares about who you are and what your life plan should be, Rita Mayell is your hands down choice. I know without a doubt… because she’s been that for my own life.

Greg Leith
Chief Executive Officer at Convene


Rita spoke at our women’s conference and closed out our three day event. If anyone knows after a long weekend packed full with speakers, food and fellowship, that is not the best line up for any speaker. But when Rita got up, no one stirred. God moved as Rita opened up the Word, told stories, had us laughing and crying at the same time weaving truth in a powerful delivery. No one left the same. Rita never rushed but ministered afterword’s continuing to encourage and pray for women. In fact months later the women were still talking about the message of restoration and hope she brought.

Director of Women Ministries
Mt Zion Church


Rita is my coach and trusted advisor. As a coach, Rita is Spirit led, full of wisdom, and insightful. As a professional Rita is seasoned, very passionate about wanting me to succeed, and operates in a realm of clarity that always causes me to view things in a different perspective in order to keep moving forward. Rita’s life speaks volumes to me and she certainly is certainly inspirational. I trust Rita.

Len DiGiovanni
CEO Coach + Chair CEO Peer Group