In a crowd, you will find me sharing stories of my own life with humor, wisdom and honesty. I call those stories my modern day parables because each story was my personal revelation of God’s love. People teasingly say that I am at all times “just Rita,” equally baring my failures and struggles as well as my victories. My greatest joy is to watch God work through me to unlock forgotten desire, stir the gifts up inside of others and watch people become free and ablaze for such a time as this.

I could list some catchy titles here, but I don’t have a treasure trove of canned speeches in my bag.

In every situation as I study the Scriptures, I stop and listen to what God is desiring to say to that group and believe for a dynamic Word that is released from Heaven and touches our soul.

Endorsement ButtonIf given a theme, God has always worked in me by providing a “now” Word or teaching that comes alive, fresh and practical for that audience at that specific time.  I speak from what I have experienced in my own life, so you will hear me speak on forgiveness, grace, redemption, Who we are in Christ, awakening His dreams, experiencing the freedom to “be,” plus many more topics.  Below is a clip of my speaking, and from time to time I will add new YouTube videos.  I invite you to watch, be encouraged, and discover a woman who is on the journey just like you.

Just Rita

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