Speaking Engagements

I understand the challenge to find the right speaker.

For years I was in your shoes planning retreats for a mega church in Atlanta and volunteering my time that included finding powerful speakers to meet the need of church groups, corporations, and nonprofits.

Like you, I prayed, researched my options and tried to visualize the attendee’s needs.

I have tried to think of your needs and perhaps make your decision easier. Thanks for your interest and consideration. I am sincerely honored!

You Can Expect

  • A humble spirit and desire to serve with the highest of integrity
  • Prompt and sincere replies to your requests via your preferred method of communication ( text, email or phone)
  • A phone consultation to clarify your goals and objectives
  • Announcements of your event on my website and social media (of course with your permission)
  • Availability to meet and talk with the attendees
  • A follow up debrief and evaluation

I am a communicator and love people!  It does not matter if it is an individual, group or large crowd. I want people to know how much God loves them, that what matters to them has always mattered to Him. God is for us and desires above all else to have a personal relationship with us. In fact, He is constantly pursuing us. The problem is not His pursuit but our lack of noticing His presence.

In a crowd, you will find me sharing stories of my own life with humor, wisdom and honesty.

I call those stories my modern day parables because each story was my personal revelation of God’s love. People teasingly say that I am at all times “just Rita,” equally baring my failures and struggles as well as my victories. My greatest joy is to watch God work through me to unlock forgotten desire, stir the gifts up inside of others and watch people become free and ablaze for such a time as this.

I do not have a treasure trove of already prepared speeches. In every situation, I study the Scriptures, I stop and listen to what God is desiring to say to that group and believe for a dynamic Word that is released from Heaven and touches the soul. I always share stories of my own life or others on the journey so it is common for you to hear me talk on forgiveness, grace, redemption, waiting, who we are in Christ, dreams, freedom and crossroads.

Below is a clip of my speaking, and from time to time, I will add new YouTube videos. I invite you to watch, be encouraged and discover a woman who is on the journey just like you.

What others are saying

“… Rita spoke at our women’s conference and closed out our three day event. If anyone knows after a long weekend packed full with speakers, food and fellowship, that is not the best line up for any speaker. But when Rita got up, no one stirred. God moved as Rita opened up the Word, told stories, had us laughing and crying at the same time weaving truth in a powerful delivery. No one left the same. Rita never rushed but ministered afterword’s continuing to encourage and pray for women. In fact months later the women were still talking about the message of restoration and hope she brought.”

Director of Women Ministries, Mt Zion Church

“Rita spoke at our event. All I can say is that wherever she goes to speak, I want to follow. Never have I heard stories that opened up the truth of scriptures in a dynamic, creative animated delivery. I laughed, I cried but mostly I was powerfully moved to see God in a fresh perspective that changed me.”

Attendee of Fall Conference, Mt. Zion Church

“Rita is a spring of knowledge and encouragement. Her combination of brilliant insights and true heart, are a powerful combination. She is an important voice – whether speaking or writing or mentoring – that will inspire and edify many. If you’re blessed enough to be her audience, take lots of notes. Hers is wisdom worth remembering.”

Kimberly Kuo, SVP, Public Affairs, Communications & Communities at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
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