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My mission is to awaken, motivate, and inspire leaders to know and realize who they are in Christ and to live in their full potential of God’s vision.
If you’re like most people who connect here, you have a desire to make a difference! In fact, all of us were created to shape and influence our world and leave our imprint, our legacy. But on our journey to impact and influence, we encounter crossroads that baffle us. As leaders, when we reach a crossroads, we tend to run back to what is comfortable or where we know we can succeed. Stalling out is not in our DNA, and complacency is not in God’s. God loves us too much to keep us where we were. He is always bringing opportunities that stretch us and build within us a new depth in our relationship that prepares us for a larger circle of influence and greater impact.

My Story

My entire life I have been a visionary and one who has believed that God’s plan for me is an amazing one, and that His desire was to take my ordinary life and make it extraordinary. My friends used to tell me that my dreams were too big and that I needed to take them down a notch. You can imagine the disappointment and humiliation I felt when every dream I had ever believed, didn’t come true at the time I expected.

I’ve been at quite a few crossroads and navigated through more transitions than I can count. Since people didn’t really talk about it, I felt alone in my journey most of the time. Faced with more questions than answers, I began to dig deeply into the Word of God to gain understanding. It has taken me years to see God’s heart, and I’ve learned that crossroads don’t require me to figure out my life, but rather to rest in my Heavenly Father’s love. Still, it’s a process and not a one-two-three formula.

I have a strong need to understand and know truth, not just a bunch of religious clichés, but to know experientially. I needed to know God loved me, that my life mattered, that I belonged, and that God really did have an amazing plan for my life despite the many disappointments and unfulfilled dreams.

Time. It took lots of time to erase the religious-ese and trite answers from my well-meaning friends. Those kinds of answers do nothing to feed your soul. What makes me unique is that in spite of every disappointment, I have confidence and trust my life to the care of a personal and loving Father who has a wonderful plan perfectly designed for me. In fact, I still believe in every dream that I’ve ever had, even the ones that have yet to be fulfilled.

My anchor. I searched the Scriptures and looked for trends and patterns in my own life. I read every book I could find, I prayed and learned to listen. At the same time, my professional career and ministry enabled me to coach and counsel hundreds of executives and leaders through their own crossroads. Without realizing it at the time, God was orchestrating my future. He began to reveal good news, and here are three life changing truths I would like to share.

Good News

God orchestrates our crossroads to lead us into a time where He works powerfully within us, preparing us fully for the next great thing ahead.

God’s plan is still His plan, but we often misunderstand His process and timing.

When something is from God, it bears who He is: life. It cannot die.

How I Can Help You

For the last 25 years, I’ve been sought out to help leaders and professionals like you in both business and ministry navigate their crossroads, to understand the purpose of a transition season, to gain fresh perspective, clarify purpose, and find meaningful direction. From working in the largest global career management organizations and behind the scenes of the largest churches, ministries, and board rooms, I have always been that person who can see another’s heart. I understand disappointment, waiting, and the desire to have answers that bear the test of time.

I am both a catalyst and igniter of His dreams because His plan is still His plan. I want you to know that God is for you and wants to be your GPS (God’s Positioning Strategy) through every crossroad and transition.

Working Together

In a crowd or an audience of one, you’ll find me sharing stories of my own life with humor, wisdom, and honesty. I call those stories my modern-day parables because each story was my personal revelation of God’s love. People teasingly say that I am at all times “just Rita,” equally baring my failures and struggles as well as my victories. My greatest joy is to watch God navigate through me to bring understanding and wisdom into your unique crossroads. I’m not perfect, but I know the best navigation system there is, operated by the perfect Navigator.

Through my personal coaching, you will have the fastest route, with a roadmap that is customized for you. Also, see my upcoming book, 5’2” Giant, Builder of Dreams, a powerful true story of one man who successfully navigated his crossroads and changed his world, plus my weekly blog, GPS (God’s Positioning Strategy) where you’ll find direction and courage for your next great adventure.

I hope you’ll join our community where we are on this journey together, encouraging and growing as individuals who desire to live to our full potential with joy!

On a Personal Note

When I’m not telling stories to encourage anyone who will listen, you can find me on one of the many wonderful bike paths in Atlanta or walking my faithful rescue pup Hannah at the nearest park. I love to cook and bake because I see a quick result and life never does quick! I love to share life with friends over a good cup of coffee and discover new places. Whatever it is it must be new, novel and different. I am not the routine type!

Rita Mayell - Speaker - Coach - Author

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Professional Biography

As a transition expert and career strategist, I have coached hundreds of executives and emerging leaders, inspiring them to clarify purpose, discern God’s timing, and move forward with conviction and strategic direction. My career spans twenty-five-plus years as a transition coach, lay counselor, and executive search consultant, and I hold a Life and Leadership Certification in coaching and a Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. Combining my work experience with my natural ability to identify and connect people to their passions and motivations has afforded me unique opportunities to travel and coach executive leaders in Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofit organizations, as well as to speak in conferences, universities and networking organizations. A graduate of Biola University with a BA in Communications, a minor in Bible, and an emphasis in Psychology, I currently serve as Human Resources Strategist with Samaritan’s Purse.

Professional Highlights and Certifications Include:

Certified Professional Leadership Coach (CPLC) through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI).  2017

Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI).  2016

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)  2016

  • Member of Christian Coaches Network International  2016
  • Certification in Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. (ICISF) 2016
  • Retained Executive Search for global nonprofits, ministries and churches- Sima International
  • Retained executive search for the third largest search firm, Boyden Executive Search, recruiting C-Level executives and board directors for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Executive Consultant to Bob Buford’s Halftime Ministries and the Leadership Network, helping key leaders transition from success to significance and Kingdom impact. The Halftime Institute is the leading authority on creating a second “half” of life for leaders and executives that is defined by joy, impact, and balance.
  • Certified Pastoral Counselor and Lay Counselor, First Baptist Church of Atlanta.
  • Counselor for Rapha Christ Centered Counseling at Peachford Hospital, Atlanta
  • Leadership coaching and executive career transition with the country’s largest and most respected outplacement and management consulting firm: Lee Hecht Harrison, Drake Beam Morin (now merged with Lee Hecht Harrison).