Life Coaching

Do you need direction for your life, personally or professionally? Have you carried a dream in your heart, but you need help affirming and unlocking it? Do you want to go from simply filling a role to experiencing joy and significance?

Most of us have heard that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives, but finding and living in that blueprint is often unclear.

Key 100pxDo I really hear God?  Why do I see only darkness?  Every time I step out, it seems like the doors slam.  What was I created for?  When do I sense His pleasure? 

Throughout 25 years of coaching people going through their own life transitions, I’ve helped them find balance and a renewed sense of vision and hope. If you are asking some of these same questions, I would love to walk with you as God unfolds His amazing purpose!

Coaching is a dynamic partnership that helps you
discern God’s will, discover possibilities, sharpen your focus, make confident decisions, and reach your goals.  It is a place where you can be affirmed that you hear how God speaks to you, and in that you will discover and move forward with confidence in the life God has designed and desires for you to live.  Imagine a time set apart to focus on you and your goals both for work and for your personal life.  Consider the difference it would make if you spent time weekly exploring the unique and awesome plan God has for you.  Coaching is a place where no judgement is cast, where you have complete freedom to ask the hard questions and not be concerned how you come across.

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I would love to have a 30-minute complimentary conversation so that you can experience how coaching may help get you unstuck and moving forward with confidence.

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