About Rita

Christian Speaker, Coach, Encourager, Networker, Author

My life has not been a fairy tale…. I did not get married in my 20s; I don’t have kids nor do I have a picket fence.  What makes me unique is that I still believe in a Big God who has a wonderful plan that is perfectly designed for me. In fact, I still believe in every dream that I have ever had. Some just have not been fulfilled at the time I thought. Perhaps you to have believed something was right and yet it has not come into fruition.

It may be that business you wanted to start, the child you were praying for, that opportunity in the arts: design, music, etc.  Whatever “that” is, it is that ache, that longing that haunts you in the stillness of the night.  I know I remember well in my 30s , still single, the year when I received 17 wedding invitations. Talk about feeling left behind.

Key 100pxHave you ever awakened one morning and asked, “What was the purpose I was created for? Or perhaps you have asked when is it my turn to see what I have hoped and believed?

Perhaps like me, the circumstances of life have thrown an unexpected roadblock in your path, or perhaps your dreams have been buried under the “normalcy” of life.  Waiting for years in my own life has caused me to dig deeply into the Scriptures to gain understanding. It has taken me years to see God’s heart. I have learned that this journey does not require me to figure my life out but to rest in the arms of my Heavenly Father.  It took a long time to erase the religious ease and trite pat answers from my well-meaning friends.  But those answers lay limp and did nothing to feed my soul.  My heart and passion is to be both a catalyst and igniter of His dreams because His plan is still His plan.

I have counseled thousands of individuals in both business and ministry who long to know that God is for them, who desire to understand their purpose and call.  I love to encourage, share stories wrapped in biblical truth to all types of audiences.  For the last 25 years, I have been sought out to help leaders clearly hear the call, understand practically the purpose and know clearly the steps to walk.

From working in the largest global career management organizations and behind the scenes of the largest churches, ministries and board rooms, it always seems to point in one direction:  what is next, what is right?

Combining my work experience with my natural ability to identify and connect people to their passions and motivations has afforded me unique opportunities to travel and coach executive leaders in Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofit organizations, as well as to speak in conferences, universities and networking organizations.

Key 100pxFor me, my work and ministry are the same: I’m always motivating others to see God’s potential inside of them and imparting the truth of who they are in Christ.

I have always been that person who can see another’s heart. I understand disappointment, waiting, and certainly have experienced Grace, so I naturally offer grace. Igniting His dreams, stirring the gifts He placed inside others and many times giving them practical next steps or networking them to others who have launched their dreams.

In a crowd, you will find me sharing stories of my own life with humor, wisdom and honesty. I call those stories my modern day parables because each story was my personal revelation of God’s love. People teasingly say that I am at all times “just Rita,” equally baring my failures and struggles as well as my victories. My greatest joy is to watch God work through me to unlock forgotten desire, stir the gifts up inside of others and watch people become free and ablaze for such a time as this.


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