The closer the dream, the path becomes more narrow!

Almost there!

My client was ready for his promotion, his dream of the past 18 years. This key leader facing me, shoulders slumped, eyes scanning the room. His leg tapping as fast as an auctioneer’s “cattle rattle” in rhythmic repetition. He spoke quickly sharing the weeks events, the ones that became a roadblock to his dream, the promotion. What happened? He was so close. His colleagues congratulated him for a job well done, a promotion he deserved. The morning announcement named someone else. The new kid on the block, the one with a decade less experience in skill and no expertise to manage. He felt shame and embarrassment and was clueless as to what went wrong. He is a calculator of people and strategy and was certain he was playing with the winning deck of cards.


Unfortunately this story is more common than not. What happens? My 25 year career helping people like you achieve their dreams, I have discovered that there are common roadblocks that each of us face one time or another. Here are some common roadblocks I have encountered.

  • Distractions
  • Understanding the importance of our yes and our no
  • Prioritizing what is important from those things that appear as urgent
  • Discouragement
  • Dream killers
  • Negativity
  • Running on empty, rather than taking to time to rest and reflect
  • Loss of perspective
  • Misunderstanding of the timing or season in which you are living

Narrow Path

The repetitive pattern is this:  the closer to the fulfillment of a dream, the path becomes more narrow. It must. We need to be laser focused.  It’s critical to remove distraction and, those things that are not important. Equally as important is setting time aside for reflection and active listening. For me that is spending time with God and including Him in my life, my dreams and sharing what is on my heart. What is life-giving for you?

What are those things that are distractions and perhaps keeping you from your dream? Are their people in your life that are pulling you off target, discouraging or do they encourage you? Have you lost perspective and need a road map to clarify and renew the dream? We all become weary in the journey which is why we all need to surround ourselves with life-giving support. The Narrow path is not life long. It’s a season in which our dream must take precedence over other things.

Take a step

If you find yourself in this blog and you have lost your way, I encourage you to take a healthy step and find someone to walk along side with you that can bring clarity, new perspective and offer new insight. If you are interested, I would love to be that person. I have coached people like you for 25 years plus who one day realized that there life was not where they thought it would be and inside they knew in their hearts that they were made for more.  Check out my website here or my coaching services here. I would be honored to help you navigate and discover all the dreams that God has placed in your heart.


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