You and I were made for more!

We were all made for more!

We were all made for more, but what does that practically mean? Daily we’re saturated with social media sound bites and interpretations of what constitutes greatness. Is it the life of Steve Jobs who changed technology or perhaps a Meghan Markle who married into royalty? Perhaps you admire a particular world leader, actor/actress or author. Personally, I wonder if the reason behind our interest is our innate desire for greatness? We look around at others as a sort of measuring stick as to how we are stacking up. Trust me I compare myself with others as you.

How can we experience the more?

More importantly, how has God wired you for more? What is your mission? Your passion, that thing that causes you to lose all track of time? What has God placed inside of you which fully satisfies when you are able to do it?  When you are doing that thing that brings joy, what are you doing? Who are you working alongside? For what purpose? I am Rita and my passion is for you to know that God has made you for more. I do this through coaching, speaking and writing. When I am doing those things, I lose all track of time. I don’t even think about food! And I am a foodie!

Updated website

I have said it before and will continue speaking this: life is a process. And no one dislikes process as much as I do. I launched my website the end of May. My web designer reminds me, “this will be a work in process.” I tell him, “No way. It is done.” I spoke too soon. After many of you have commented and privately sent messages and asked questions, I’ve finally gained more clarity. The what I do has not changed. I am a coach, author and speaker! I am a crossroad/transition expert and a career strategist. It is now clear that the why behind my mission is for you to know you are made for more. We were all made for more!

The question

The question we carry is how are we made for more? We often use our life circumstances as roadblocks. Our disappointments have become our mantras we stake in the ground. Truth is we have not missed our appointments. God is a God of second chances. And if you need encouragement, I recommend you read the book 5’2″ Giant, Builder of Dreams, the life story of my father who through his failures and mistakes changed his world. Here is the link for ordering the book on my website or directly here on Amazon. You can change your world too. God is for you. He created you for more.

Join me and discover how God has made you for more. We will explore it from three perspectives: spiritual, psychological and physical. Sign up here for my newsletter that includes more depth and personal stories. Are you in?




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