The Certainty of God’s Timing

The Certainty of God’s Timing

One of the most asked questions I receive is how to know with certainty God’s timing. What’s it about timing that causes us such angst? Is it because it forces us to trust God with the details of our lives? We live in a chaotic world that we have thought we could control and schedule. Not!

This weekend a friend left my house to drive home across town. She called much later to let me know that a horrific accident had held her up from getting home at the time it normally took. She had become impatient with the delay only to discover the next morning that a neighbor’s grandson had been killed in a fatal accident. Her heart was sad. His fatal accident caused her to flash back to her frustration from the delay she had encountered on Saturday evening. What could have been her response? Later she called to tell me: “the people in the accident didn’t need my frustration, they needed my prayers.”

A Fresh Perspective

What would happen if we adopted that attitude, how much more peace would we have? It comes down to trusting in God’s timing. We become frustrated because our agenda has been interrupted. What if the interrupter was Jesus! And He had purposefully brought you to that accident to pray. How about the delay in that job offer wasn’t about rejecting you, but God’s process, a set up to bless you abundantly? Instead of perceiving our circumstances as delays, denial, missing the mark, or God’s disapproval, perhaps if we could see it from His vantage point. His trust in us, rather than our trust in Him?

You see trust is a two way street. We have the privilege to trust God, the creator of the universe, the one who breathed life into every atom, every particle, every breathing thing including using His breath to give life to every living thing on earth and above the earth. That same God, the one and only God trusts us. When He trusts us, something happens inside of us. It causes us to rise up and see from a new perspective. A kingdom vantage point. Instead of seeing delays as how it effects us, we can choose to see them as opportunities to exercise our God given rights to pray for another- bringing heaven to earth.

You might ask, what does this have to do with leadership, crossroads or transition? Everything. God equips leaders to lead like Jesus! A crossroads becomes a point of decision to see our situation from Jesus point of view.  And a transition is God’s invitation to be completely transformed and fully equipped from the inside out for the next great thing God has already planned for us.

My Challenge to You

This week, I dare you to stop when you feel frustration and ask Jesus about it. And what you hear Him say, will begin to reshape how you perceive interruptions in your day. You will embrace them as opportunities and before you know it you will live in the certainty of God’s timing.  Please connect with me here and share your stories of what God said to you when you stopped and gained his perspective when frustrated.

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