Intentional rest, an unlikely career strategy that works



“But I have too much to do.”

“I don’t have time to play that game of tennis.”

“I have to work late–I can’t make it to my son’s soccer game.”

“In order for my new venture to have success, I have to…”

“The experts all say that I must….”

What is your excuse? Mine was “I am a first-time author, and the last time I checked my last name is not Hyatt or Graham!” I read the books, scanned the internet, watched webinars and videos, and read recommended best sellers on how to build a platform. The problem was, very few experts agreed. I pressed in. It’s not in my DNA to give up. I took copious notes and placed them neatly in a notebook I called “Platform.” The last time I checked, it was over 100 pages! I read the suggested times to post, switched up the mediums, studied my audience, and became proficient in analyzing the stats. The numbers climbed slowly, but at least in the right direction. Was I satisfied?


I wasn’t happy. I had lost my joy. It was parked way back at the station, and my train had pulled out at breakneck speed. I love to play, and I know the value of rest. But somewhere I had begun to listen to all the noise and clamor. A friend who is also well-known author and business consultant had this to say about social media: “Social media is a like a cocktail party in its third hour—noisy and boisterous. You can get your voice in the mix, but it’s hard to get attention.” So true, yet not encouraging when you’re spending hours posting, researching and trying to do what everyone suggests. Unfortunately, the suggestions are often times in disagreement with other research.


I love how God leads me. A book has been on my shelf for five years but this week I picked it up and started to read. God’s perfect timing! It is a book that integrates brain science with the Bible and is written from a very practical perspective. I like practical and anything that makes quantum physics somewhat understandable. I must admit I am becoming a student in quantum physics because it displays the majestic wonder of our God! One of the chapters dealt specifically on the importance of intentional and directed rest for the brain. What does that mean? Practically speaking, we have all kinds of coordinated networks in our brains. How they all work together forms a constant “chatter” in the non-conscious part of our mind.

Science has caught up with the Bible! It is now proven that when we direct our rest by introspection, self-reflection, and prayer; when we catch our thoughts; when we quote Scripture and develop our mind intellectually, we literally accelerate and improve brain function as well as mind, body, and spiritual health. Research now proves that when we rest the functions of our brain that support active thinking, our ability to make decisions is increased exponentially. The more balanced we are, the more wisdom we apply in our thinking and decisions.

When we don’t rest, a misfiring happens in brain activity and it decreases our ability to solve problems. We become foggy, confused, and depressed. Medical science now suggests that people will be more effective emotionally and physically when they pause for spiritual refreshment. With spiritual refreshment, research shows that people are more likely to eat better, exercise more frequently, and live healthier lives!


I am one to immediately put into practice what I read. I slowed down with social media, and actually cut what I was doing in half. My cell phone is turned off until after I’ve spent personal refreshment with the Lord and literally FEEL refreshed!  And I am more intentional with concentrating on one thing at a time which science says, rests your brain. I have had a great week. Exercise, eating well, sleeping through the night and high energy restored, I am excited and peaceful. My joy has been rejuvenated.

God has always known! He says in Psalms:  “Be still and know that I am God. And I will be exalted among the nations.” Isn’t that our goal–for God to be exalted? But in that desire, He blesses us with good health, joy, peace and “dis- ease” is gone!


What will you do this week? I am going to integrate brain science into my crossroads coaching. Recently God has been introducing and weaving His truth with brain science and grace into my coaching. It has been transformative!  If you are interested in learning more, check out my coaching here! I too will be integrating more depth about what I am learning in my monthly newsletter. Sign up here for my newsletter.

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