Today is the season of new beginnings… part 1

A New Season

Recently, I’ve received lots of calls from leaders who are transitioning into a new beginning. Most don’t know how to discern exactly what that means. They describe it as a:

  • gut feeling
  • an awareness of an internal stirring
  • dissatisfaction with life
  • excitement of something new
  • disruptive news

Perhaps you too can relate! Research indicates that we don’t even know what is happening, other than we’re aware of some internal shift.  This season is usually ignited by God and tailored made for you. It’s the very thing God uses to move you to where you otherwise would never go. Remember Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus? Saul was the persecutor of Christians. He was on his way to Damascus when a bolt of light surrounded him causing him to go blind. Suddenly and immediately Saul was in a new season. And many of you entered a new season as quickly. The event, news or circumstance plays a larger role in our being able to see anything other than the situation. Today, I want to provide a new view, perspective and give hope.

New View

Saul was blind. He could not see where to go. Suddenly and immediately his plans changed. His circumstances forced him to stay three days without seeing, eating or drinking. But God works in our circumstances and will redeem them for His good. Saul would not have chosen to follow Jesus. Blindness was the very thing God used to get Saul to the place he would not have gone otherwise. God led Saul to a place and gave him a new view! What about you? What circumstances, event or internal stirring is God using to give you a new view? A view you would have otherwise not accepted? He wants us to see differently in this new season rather than continue to do what we have always done. Saul was three days without seeing. Have you ever thought what God was doing in his heart, mind, will and emotions during those three days? I bet very similar things He does with us. Refines. Clarifies. Defines. Heals. Aligns us with His heart.

New Perspective

When Saul was healed by Ananias, the Bible says the scales immediately fell from his eyes (Acts 9:18). The Bible says he could see again. I bet he saw differently don’t you? God is always working in us to prepare, equip, heal, anoint, clarify what He has always had for us. He knows exactly what it will take to slow us down to gain new perspective. To see our situation from His perspective rather from our low-level earthly one.

Surround yourself with like-minded believers

Verse 19 in chapter 9 of Acts we read that Saul surrounded himself with the disciples. This is critical for us in a new season. We are tentative in our faith. We are skeptical of what we hear. The season is new and we are learning to navigate new territory. This is the time we need to minimize time with people who are dream thieves, faith killers and those who are satisfied with the ordinary. This is when you need people who have faith and will stand with you no matter how crazy or far-fetched your reality is from what you are believing God for. It is the time to stay away from the negative and engage in that which uplifts your heart and strengthens your faith.

Make a move

A new beginning cannot be a new beginning until after we take the first step. It requires a crisis of belief. Many times leaders have shared that they wanted to wait until

  • the money was all there
  • they knew exactly what the results would be
  • calculation of risk was minimized

There is only one perfect time and that is God’s time when you sense His nudge to step. It’s one step at a time that climbs a mountain. Many leaders struggle with dissecting the steps to the top before taking the first one. That is why it is so critical to lean into God’s process of development of giving you a new view, perspective, surrounding yourself with friends who will support and who will cheer you onward as you take that first step. You are not alone and God already has orchestrated the encourager in your new season.

I don’t know where you are but as I prayed over this blog, God led me to pour my heart to minister to those who have been in a season of waiting and believing. God wants you to know He carries your heart’s desires and invites you to trust in His love for you. I too am here to encourage, coach or walk with you. Please check out these other popular blogs that can encourage you here. Also you can connect with me here:  I’d love to hear from you and stand with you in this new season.


What is your new beginning? Who are you surrounded with?

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