What WORD is guiding your steps? Part II

2018-07-09T15:38:45-04:00By |Crossroads, decision making|


I was sitting with a counselor friend who casually asked me, “Pick up your purse.” Stunned she would inadvertently ask a question that absolutely didn’t relate to our subject, I responded, “I will”, and continued our conversation. She abruptly stopped me: “Rita that is your problem. You always say “I will” but rarely do you do it. I will never forget that conversation. That is exactly what we do regarding a Word that God drops into our heart. We hear it but we do nothing with it.

Our lives cannot change as long as we hold the Word, study the Word but never act on the Word! None of the disciples would have lived on the cutting edge of history if they had not dropped their fishing nets and immediately followed Jesus. What would’ve happened if they had paused too long having second thoughts?  I too used to wonder what I’d missed out on.


Today I have a new perspective. I know God holds every single thought, action and lack of action of mine. He lives out of time in layers of dimensions we cannot even fathom. That makes His perspective unique. He does not see my life as right and wrong choices, but as opportunities given to me to know who He is in me and who I am in Him. My Heavenly Father sees loss as an opportunity for growth and washes my mistakes in His grace. He is a God of many chances. He never berates us for stalling out in fear, nor does He motivate us from regret. Have I missed some things? Yep!  Will that thwart His plan? NOPE. But His love for me encourages me to respond more quickly in trust when I hear a simple one word direction.

What about you? What one word have you waited to act upon, but you are now ready?


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