What WORD is guiding your steps? Part I

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In the Old Testament God told Abraham to “go!” And in the New Testament, Jesus asked Peter to “come.” Neither were given much to go on. Both were given one word commands without details that left them with a choice to obey or not. Normally we don’t relate our situations with theirs because we know the end of their story.

Many times, I’ve only been given simple word commands. I remember a few years ago when God spoke clearly and softly, “stay” in a situation I was certain I was to leave. I spent hours trying to justify that what I heard was not God. When I was finally clear, I stayed, but my emotional bags were packed. I was not obeying the command to stay. I was not present.

What about you? Do you have enough faith in your Father to act on a singular word? I fought for months what I heard. But when I finally stopped, listened and fully responded, it was when I heard another word. I’m learning that God is a ONE WORD GOD. If He told me ONE WORD all at once, I would run off without Him. He wants to share every step, every word with us.


God may not give us details but He knows every aspect in every circumstance we face. He proved it in the lives of every Bible character we read about and longs to do it with us and for us. Remember He has counted and knows the number of hairs on your head and when a sparrow falls to the ground. He is the one who planned an amazing life for you, how much more does He want to see us walk in His best. Perhaps He gives us one word rather than sentences as a part of our preparation for our destiny. He longs to see if we will obey in the little things over our need for full understanding.

Question: What one Word has He recently spoken to you? Please share your story.


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