What I perceive as a great setback can often be a great setup!


Many times what I’ve perceived as a major setback is often His great setup!

A few years ago I had some disappointing news about an opportunity that I trusted was God’s best. The news was not what I had believed God had for me. I was both discouraged and embarrassed.  I had broadcast in faith what I was certain God was going to do. When it didn’t happen, I wrestled for answers. Pride, not humility I needed to ensure never being in this situation again.


It is against who God is to lie, steer us wrong or tease us. I must admit, I toyed with all of those descriptors. Religious Clichés were not acceptable, so I kept pressing in to know the truth. Raised in the church and loving God I easily could play both sides of the fence. Putting aside everything I’d been taught, I sought to discover a fresh perspective. I searched scriptures, did a Google search, asked people I respected, but nothing resonated with my spirit. My last resort was to be mad like a child and threaten God. Of course that was silly and absolutely did not work in my favor.


I jumped on my bicycle, with headset and began to peddle as fast and furious as my legs could go. In Rita style I told God, “I won’t quit until I hear from you.” I meant it. I was frustrated, not mad. Perhaps you too have felt like this, but responded in your unique style. Who am I to get in God’s face, claiming to know what He should do with the blessings that I don’t own in the first place? Everything He has given me is a gift. Of course that truth did not ease my angst.


My daddy used to tell me that I would have made a great defense lawyer. That never has fared me well with God. But He loves me and lets me just try my best to defend my case. In the silence, when I am spent, is when I hear His voice. “I am not teasing you, nor preventing good things from happening in your life. I love you. Did you ever think for one moment that perhaps what you’ve thought to be best is not best? That my answer is greater than what you have the capacity to ask and your prayers are limiting my plan for you?”


God answers every prayer. The answer just might be something I didn’t know I was asking for at the time.  I discovered that He had never slowed down His activity on my behalf.  From my perspective, He was silent and not answering my prayers. Several months another opportunity that dovetailed with my passion more than the first was presented to me.  In the months of waiting God had been preparing me for what He always had planned. I had not believed His best nor trusted Him.

This experience began the transformation process in my heart to know when it does not appear as if He is moving on my behalf, He is faithful to His promises and Word. He did not owe me to see from His perspective, but He did. He knew I would pass it on. A year later I was at a gathering and overheard a person speaking about the first opportunity that I thought was so good for me. This person was the one chosen in my place. I realized how God had loved each of us and placed us in the perfect opportunity that stretched us beyond what either of us would have chosen.


What are you struggling with that God may want to give you a fresh perspective? I would love for you to share it with me.

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