NEW BLOG: transition, career strategy and dreams

Welcome to my new blog. I will be blogging in three areas: transition, career strategy and dreams. For the past several months, I’ve reflected on the most-read blogs on my website, identified trends and patterns in my professional and personal conversations, and noted the things people ask for my assistance on most frequently.


  • How do I recognize a transition?
  • How do I know what kind of transition I’m in?
  • What is the purpose, process and preparation?
  • Where is God in my transition? He appears silent.

Career Strategy

  • How do I know what is the right job?
  • How do I identify the right cultural fit and long-term benefit?
  • What is God’s will?


  • How to know what is my dream vs. God’s?
  • Why do I feel stuck, and no matter what I do it isn’t working?
  • Why the long wait?
  • What is the process?

I love to encourage and motivate leaders to see God actively work in their lives. As leaders, we often find ourselves in a process where we need greater understanding and encouragement, and to be surrounded by a community of like minded individuals on the journey.

If you’d like to grow together as we dig further into the topic of transitions and share up-to-date career strategies and dreams, I invite you to sign up for my blog here to be delivered to your inbox. I love to share what I am learning, so my blogs will often add things I believe will bring value to you. But my most important request is this:


I love questions! They motivate me. I love comments! I’m not easily offended, but if I think the comments are inappropriate, I will not reply. I want relationship. I hate writing to a blank wall that doesn’t respond.

So what is your first question you have for me??

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