How to confidently walk in God’s vision for your life

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How to confidently walk in God’s vision has regularly been misunderstood and over complicated! Frequently, God’s vision has been reduced to a formula, rather than built on a promise. A promise anchored on the Word of God, immovable and supported by every resource in heaven. You can’t lose! But we do and have. Why?

What we believe about God’s vision:

  1. That once understood, it is a quick process of 1, 2, and 3.
  2. We gear up and plunge into a workable strategy.
  3. If it is God’s vision, then He will bless our plans to accomplish it.
  4. Knowing the vision and acting should be smooth sailing.

Truth about God’s vision:

  1. God’s vision is  entirely out of human reach but not impossible with Him side by side.
  2. Its success is incumbent upon your relationship with Him.
  3. Its’ our inheritance of ordinary believers like you and me.
  4. You can tap into what He has right where you are today.
  5. Its path is not comfortable nor does it become routine.

Most of us desire to impact and shape our sphere of influence but we have fallen short. Recently, I’ve been reminded that the time I spend with Him was to fill up to minister to others, neglecting His heart to minister to me for me.  Whoa! I had to step back and be reminiscent that my “doing” can never take precedence of being in that quiet place with Him.  I’m a leader and one that is laser focused on my schedule and tasks to be accomplished.  But God in His way takes this opportunity and steps right square smack in the middle of my day and reveals Himself. I was on task with my website design, workload and was running full speed ahead. I opened the front door and there in the sky was a beautiful rainbow. A reminder of God’s promises. I did not move.

God’s vision begins with our becoming intensely aware of His presence in our life. Most of us believe that God is present in the universe but I’m speaking about His activity in your personal life. A rainbow may not speak to you, but being a nature photographer hobbyist it did for me! I believe God is always speaking, sharing His vision, but like me we forget to pause and see.

Question: what is a time when God interrupted your day to let you know He was there?

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