Dreams: do you live with expectation or in expectancy?

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I’m a visionary and have lived life with expectation but not in expectancy!  From as early as I can remember, I have loved to write. My dream was to write inspirational stories of people like you and me, who seized every opportunity and led extraordinary lives.  I began writing my first book when I was just 17.

Unknowingly, I had two beliefs connected to this dream:

  • It had to published by a traditional publisher, because that would be God’s endorsement of the dream.
  • And if it were a God-dream, it would not be difficult.

Both beliefs were twisted!

A few months ago, I turned down an opportunity with a traditional publisher because something didn’t seem right. I was exhausted, but my heart could not let go of the dream of writing this book. The only thing I knew to do, was to let it go and let the dust settle on my disappointment.

Several days later, a dear friend invited me to her church to hear a speaker. Of course, that Sunday it was pouring down rain, and the last thing I wanted to do was drive an hour across town. I’m glad I did. The visiting speaker shared a story on the difference between “expectation” and “expectancy.”

Expectation is when we dictate how God should do something. It is putting God in a box with how he answers our prayers, when the timing should be, and who all the players are. I had placed God in a box and dictated how He should be God in my situation. Who wants a God they can control? I sure don’t, but I was acting that way!

Expectancy is when I break God free from my box. I place my hope in His extravagant love and goodness. In expectancy, I am saying, “I trust you for my best.”

That day, it became clear that I had been dictating to God how he should work in my life. I had the plan and timetable. If only He would do it. The moment I released my expectations and stood with an open hand of expectancy, the steps I should take began to come clear. And with every step, JOY invaded my heart with a peace and confidence like never before!

What stories can you share about expectation versus expectancy? What happened?

By the way, my first book will be launched in February 2019!

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