DECISION MAKING from the Heart

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decision from the heart

What does it mean to make a decision from the heart? Every day, we are faced with decisions—both business and personal. I’ve come to realize that many of our decisions are made without much thought. And hastily made decisions can often have detrimental impact on others and ourselves. This does not mean that we have to tarry over every decision and its impact. But it is wise to bring our hearts–as well as our heads–into the decision-making process.

A few years ago, I accepted an invitation to dinner with a friend. Two nights prior to the evening, I wished I had not committed. My work schedule had been heavier than normal, and I just needed an evening to regroup. I cancelled, but I kept rehearsing:

  • What a terrible friend I was.
  • How selfish it would be to take time for me.

Entertaining those thoughts only led to anger and resentment, because I felt trapped that I could not be honest. Are you with me?

I’m learning to pause before responding impulsively to requests. In that space of a few quiet moments, I simply include Jesus into my decision-making process and become aware of what He impresses upon my heart. There has been much gained by slowing down. I have greater peace with my friends, and within.

But here’s the goodness of God– even when I’ve made an impulsive decision, He redeems the situation. After I cancelled dinner with my friend, she got a phone call from another friend who had a four-hour layover in the Atlanta airport. If we had gone to dinner, she would have missed the opportunity to see her friend. It was the last time she ever saw that friend. She passed away a few months later with cancer.

What does it mean to you to make decisions from the heart? What is your story?

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