The crossroads that changed everything!

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18 months ago I disengaged from all social media and my personal website. Without any awareness I was at a crossroads and had no clue what step to take. That unplanned juncture where there are more questions than answers. A place initiated by God. A time of incubation that would prepare and equip me for the next great thing. My decision to unplug was not strategic. All I did was stop blogging and pull away from social media.

But God led me into TRANSITION

At first I thought my decisions were random choices, but they had greater significance! A few months into this transition, a  dream I’ve had since I was 17 (I’ll talk more about that in a future blog) began to rekindle. As my focus was on my dream, God turned his attention to my heart. He began to answer questions I’d carried for years. Both worked in tandem. During this process, God began to:

  • Deepen our relationship on a new level.
  • Bring greater revelation, structure, definition and clarity.
  • Go deeper with healing things I thought were already finished.
  • Connect the dots from past seasons to the present.
  • Bring me to a place where I could step out of expectation into expectancy.
  • Bring me gently to a new level of trust and faith.
  • Give me confidence of His timing.

I am a career strategist. I’m no stranger to transitions. I’ve coached literally hundreds of leaders who are in seasons of transition and have been through several of my own. But this was a new experience for me. It was not as long and raw as others, but it still required solitude. Today, I can honestly say that I understand more clearly the purpose, the process, and where I am in His story for my life.

If you want to learn more, be encouraged, and live on purpose with joy, visit my website, Take a look around. There are lots of free resources to encourage you and opportunities to hear others share how they’ve successfully navigated their crossroads.

So, I’m back–different–but still on the journey like you. This deep relationship with my heavenly Father (who I adoringly call Papa God) is paramount, but I’m also created to walk with others. I invite you to be one of the “others” who walk with me.

QUESTION FOR YOU: Has there been a time when you made a decision, but had no idea of the strategic wisdom behind it? Please share your story.


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