Facing decision: what’s the right choice?

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I had a phone call from a leader who was facing a decision and wrestling with the right choice.  He had two burning questions:

1. Which one was God’s will?

2. Which would have the greatest Kingdom impact?

After a several-minute conversation, it became clear that this leader believed that God’s will was based on his conviction that one choice was better than the other. He was stuck. Until he  knew for certain God’s will in this situation, he was not going to make a decision.

The second question sounded good, until it became clear from his own words that it was saturated in fear. “If I am not in God’s will, I’ll lose my ability to have great kingdom impact.” Again, he refused to take a step in either direction.

This conversation is not unlike many others I have heard over the years. But perhaps, we’re asking the wrong question. And here’s a shocker — perhaps there is no question. Many of us pray when we need to know what to do. But our heavenly Father wants a relationship with us, not one based solely on determining right and wrong choices. Rather, He desires to do life with us, engaging in regular and intimate conversation as if we were best friends.

What would happen if you asked God what he liked most about you? What do you think He would say? Have you ever stopped and told him what your favorite color is? We don’t think about including Him in these things. But if He has counted the number of hairs on your head, and He knows when a sparrow falls, don’t you think He cares about every detail about you? I do.

I admit that when I first began asking God questions and listening for His replies, it was very different. But before I knew it, I began experiencing God on a new level, and that became a game-changer in how I viewed my circumstances, opportunities, relationships, dreams, and every area of my life. I realized that asking for His will was no longer a question that was necessary. I no longer needed to ask what He desired, because like a good friend, I knew the answer from the time I spent with Him. On those occasions when I just want to ask what He cares about in a situation, I ask. It’s not a struggle—it’s another opportunity to exchange desires.

Our Heavenly Father never wanted His will to take precedence over our desire to share our lives with him.

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