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I was walking my dog, Hannah, in the stillness of pre-dawn prior to leaving on a business trip for several days and pondering over the words I believed the Lord was whispering in my spirit for this year.  “Let go Rita and just walk with me.”  It sounded like such a cliché that I was certain that I must have made it up.

The more life experience I have, the more I realize how very little I know.  I have no idea what my job function will be this year, no clue if my book will be accepted or rejected and I  have no understanding as to really what I am doing going back to school at this stage of my life . Quite frankly the only thing I really know is that I awakened this morning and my feet touched solid ground.  I know I am walking my dog, feeding my animals, doing laundry and am winding down some projects for work.  Earlier in the week I had met with a financial advisor who confirmed my need for aggressiveness in my finances and at the same time live life. I could scream with the pressure and stuff down my fears with food.  The more I thought about what I did not know and the little I did know, I could feel fear winning.  I have a need to know, to control and shape my outside world but for the past several months it has become clear that what had once worked in living and planning for my tomorrow, would no longer work or satisfy.


My attention drew to the full moon that shone so brightly in the darkness of the morning.  What a picture….. The brightness of the moon lit up the sky revealing a neatly manicured lawn and white house in the neighborhood.  At the same time the day before the home was veiled by the dark sky.  It is like life isn’t it?  One day our eyes see nothing, but darkness, but in a moment of revelation, we see?

I must admit I was feeling overwhelmed with life and sensing I had already lost ground and was slipping fast and it was only the second week of the New Year!  I didn’t even whisper a prayer, just thought how much I needed encouragement.. anything Lord.  I looked up toward the sunrise when I saw it. IMG_2858 It was two straight lines caused by a jet stream with a third line intersecting over the two parallel lines.  I heard, “Rita you are walking with me as one of these two parallel lines.  At some point, when you least expect it, you will become intersected with destiny, desire and dreams.”  Once again, the Lord had given me a heavenly picture of His heart to encourage me.  I don’t have to figure my life out.  I don’t have to know where the road is leading, although I hate not knowing. In a sense not knowing, frees me from worry about tomorrow, giving Him the resonsibility of my life while learning to trust and rest that He is the architect of the best plan.

I choose to keep walking, step by step, hand in hand with Him, enjoying today knowing that He knows the big picture because He handcrafted it with me in mind.  He knows how far until the intersection joins the two parallel lines.  He knows the scenery on the way and most importantly He is with me each step of the way encouraging me to take one more step, one more day.  I stopped and looked at the picture painted in the clouds as His memorial to me from my Heavenly Father who knew exactly what I needed.  My walk back home was quicker than the start because I had been reassured of His active presence in my life.

Today was going to be a good day because I had been gently reminded that He was the light in my darkness who had created both the parallels and intersections of my life.


  1. Dottie H. January 20, 2015 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    Beautifully written! This is what resonates with me as well…sometimes the Lord speaks to us in moments of quiet and other times it is through the broken bowl of tomato spauce on the floor😊. Either way, I am happy He speaks to me…I just need to learn to wear an apron on the “messy days!”

  2. Dottie H. January 20, 2015 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    Should have spelled tomato “sauce!” Cuz I really don’t know what “spauce” is.

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