Castles in the Sand…. Part 1


The fresh sea air was intoxicating. Cotton candy clouds sailed across the deep blue skies, the sounds of the surf punctuated by the shrill cry of seagulls. “I love the beach,” I sighed, digging my toes deeper into the white sandy shore of Pensacola, Florida.

At that moment, I diverted my gaze to three small children to my left who had been building a sandcastle with the help of two adults. The castle was really quite amazing:  three towers, surrounded by a moat, and little toy soldiers and tanks—brought from home, no doubt—carefully aligned along the tower’s parapet. The children squealed in delight as they dumped more wet sand from their pails, and the castle grounds grew with each new addition.

I leaned back in my beach chair at the water’s edge and closed my eyes. What I wouldn’t give to be their age again…young, innocent, carefree…. “No, Daddy, no!” cried one of the children. “Grab the soldiers!”

I looked up just in time to see the encroaching tide sweep away the last of the beautiful structure, something that must have taken hours to build. I leapt out of my chair to salvage whatever toys I could reach before the relentless waves swallowed them forever. Returning with my arms full of miniature soldiers and tanks, I dropped them into the children’s outstretched hands, noticing their little tear-stained faces.

What a heartbreaking picture of expectancy and disappointment. I knew those feelings well. They mirrored my own heart. Over the years, the Lord had given me a vision of what I believed was His plan for my life. Like these children, I had such great expectations. I was my Father’s child with outstretched hands, ready to receive. However, after years of waiting for the promises to be fulfilled, my dreams appeared to have washed away like that castle in the sand, guiding me into a journey to find truth and understanding.

Perhaps you, too, have been believing for something, expecting it to come to pass, only to be disappointed over and over again. It is in these moments we can either give up or surrender to the enemy, who always schemes to sabotage hope, or we can seek to understand God’s heart.

I have come to believe that often what feels to my humanness that I am forgotten, abandoned and that I simply don’t matter, is nothing more than a “timing” issue. God loves you and only desires things that are in your best interest and that includes not only the right thing but in the right time.  Rather than believing you have been forgotten and everyone is passing you by, stop, and pause for a few moments to reflect upon this truth:  God, the Creator of this universe has called you by your name. He has gifted you with a personality and skill set that functions in a one of a kind unique way that represents a facet of Himself that only you can express.  If you personally know God through His Son, Jesus Christ, then He has given you a new heart and that heart carries His heart including His dreams for your life.

Today become convinced that your dreams are not sandcastles that have been washed away, rather you have been uniquely designed, built structurally sound and strong for a pre-planned designated purpose waiting for you to fulfill. You have not been forgotten, you have not missed out.  You are on target and right on time.  And if today is not the day, relax, you are simply waiting for Heaven’s timetable to show up on earth. Remember, there is a day coming that will be your day, your time!


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