Happy Birthday….

Today is my birthday!  Birthdays have been good, not so good and everything in between.Happy-birthday-cupcakes-with-candles-1

On this day, years ago, my Heavenly Father chose me to be born into this world.  To think, that on this day, in that year, through those parents , in that city and state,  I was born already gifted and blessed with a specific purpose and call.  God, the Creator of this world cared enough about me that he planned every detail of my life before I had even taken my first breath!  Beyond that,  He has taken every mistake, whether purposeful, foolish or naïve and has turned it into something good.

For my birthday instead of being focused on me, I had a thought:  “Father, how can I celebrate the day you chose to bring me into this world?  What would bring you pleasure?”  I heard: “My greatest pleasure is watching you live and love with abandon.”

“The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17   New International Version

What does it mean to live and love with abandon?  I looked it up.  “It means living and loving without any restraints, limits or conditions. ” Those are my kind of words.  But do I really live it?

Sitting with a wonderful cup of coffee on a brisk fall pre dawn morning wrapped in a blanket, smelling the scents of the season, listening to birds awaken with a new song, I pondered what I had heard and read. Where do I begin? My life is so intense filled with rapid fire and aim kind of days.  How practically do I do this… receive this?

His love will no longer rebuke, but will rejoice.  The word rejoice actually means hilariously be happy.  And God, Creator, Sovereign Lord and Savior loves us in this manner and desires us to live with abandonment.  We throw the word “love” carelessly around in our daily talk.. I love that movie, that dress, lipstick, food, etc.  We talk as though we understand the word, love.  We politely repeat the hymn or a praise saying we love God, read it on a bumper sticker or see it spread across a t-shirt.

Have we been snatched, captured, changed by His love?  His love chases you, rewires you, moves you to compassion, causes you to rest with His best.  It is the voice in the midnight hour that brings hope, direction, comfort and wisdom. Receiving His love is what moves you from darkness, to light to flight.  Will you join me in letting Him dance over you with joy as He watches you live and love today with abandon because you are believing He loves you? Perhaps you can share today how he taught you to live and love with abandonment.




6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday….

  1. Well said Birthday Girl!!! One of my favorite songs that I end my exercise with every night is called Live With Abandon by Newsboys. It makes me happy!! 🙂 Google it…you’ll love it and the video too! Happy Birthday and can’t wait to celebrate you sooon! Big Hug!!!

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  2. Happy Belated birthday, blogger colleague, Your words are like a light. They glow with hope. Isn’t it just a beautiful thing this Love God has for us and how you expressed it; “His love chases you, rewires you, moves you to compassion, causes you to rest with His best. It is the voice in the midnight hour that brings hope, direction, comfort and wisdom.” Hope you have many more birthdays and years to live in the abandon of all God wants to bless you with. Thanks for sharing. Thanks too for following my blog. I hope to read more of your stories and ‘rejoicings’.


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