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Click on the cover to get your free copy of my eBook!

You’re Not Alone.

Crossroads affect us all.  No one is immune.
They’re not scheduled. We don’t plan for them.

An unexpected life event throws us into a crossroads.

Other times we wake up and ask ourselves is this all there is to life?

Maybe you’re in a career that no longer motivates.

Perhaps there is a stirring that it is time to change course or direction.

Normally you know what to do, but this time nothing works. You have more questions than answers, and you feel stuck.  You’re at a crossroads, a place that leads you into a time of transition where everything in your life seems to be emptied. But it is exactly the place designed and tailored for you to become transformed and filled. This place is sacred and at the same time, messy. The solution is never a rote formula of how to’s, but a process of God’s positioning strategy (GPS) where He lovingly shapes, heals, redefines, gives vision, navigates us in and through, then releases us out of, and leads us into the next great thing.

Rita Mayell - Speaker, Author, Coach

Hi, I’m Rita

I’m a transition expert, career strategist, speaker, and author. I’m passionate about motivating and inspiring leaders how to successfully navigate a crossroads and live the life God intended- full of joy and adventure!

I’ve been there, too.

I struggled through many of my own crossroads and I too searched for understanding. I spent thousands of dollars trying to follow every outside recommendation to change me and my life. Nothing lasted, every attempt failed, and no one shared anything that truly helped. I came to realize through my own journey that even the search I perceived as failure was but an instrument leading me back to the navigator of my soul. Nothing was wasted for me, and nothing is wasted for you.

Crossroads are not random events, but rather are designed on purpose by a loving Heavenly Father. Some of His greatest work in our lives is during a crossroads or time of transition. The key is that He does not want to give us direction like a divine puppeteer, He desires to be our GPS through a vibrant relationship.

Your crossroads is unique to you, and your path forward is unique as well. While it needs to be consistent with His Word, it’s not a canned answer or formula. God is a one of a kind father who created each of us to be unique and values our uniqueness!

I invite you to link arms with me as together we discover greater depths and riches of His love, His leading, His equipping, His timing, and how you can know with clarity the direction, purpose and next steps He has for you!

We all experience crossroads; the question is whether you will allow the Crossroad to transform you.
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“You can’t put Rita in a neat little box and say that she is just a coach. She zeroes in on people issues with an agility, insight and discernment that enable her to quickly identify and diagnose issues and impact the core mission of an organization and the executives who lead it. Everyone who has an encounter with Rita comes away feeling lifted up, encouraged, with a renewed sense of their unique giftedness and where and how to live out that purpose in their career.”

Connie Day, CPG Marketing & Product Management

“God shaped wisdom, insight and candor are only three words that describe Rita. She understands people like no one else I know. Her discernment and perceptive skills are laser focused and she can listen to the heart of a person as well as hearing the facts. Her ability to listen emphatically and make life plan recommendations is uncanny. If you are looking for a coach who deeply cares about who you are and understanding God’s plan and time, Rita Mayell is your hands down choice. I know without a doubt… because she’s been that for my own life.”

Greg Leith , Chief Executive Officer at Convene