Let me tell you a story…

Among friends I’m known as a storyteller.  Even when I go to the grocery store I often leave with a new object lesson wrapped in a timeless truth and parable of God’s love that I cannot wait to share.  I am a student of His Word and an encourager and a lover of His people. God has gifted me with the ability to see people’s hearts as well as the potential and dreams He has placed inside of them.

Key 100pxMy greatest passion is to unlock those desires, to be a catalyst and igniter of His dreams in others and watch God connect dots in ways that only He can.

God’s dreams for us often take us to places that we would never dare or imagine possible.  But that’s the point – God’s dreams are so much bigger than our dreams, and He doesn’t want you to settle for mediocre.  The key is that His vision is always accompanied with everything we need for its success.  From the moment of conception, our dream leads us down a uniquely tailored path that prepares us internally to enjoy fully the good things our Heavenly Father had in mind when placing that dream inside our heart.  Ensuring that we are fully equipped and prepared is simply one way that God practically demonstrates His love.

I wish our dreams coming true were as simple as one, two, three … usually they are not.  There are times we have no clue what God is doing and He seems distant. That is when God has stepped into my world and given me real life parables designed just for me that have not only assured me of His presence, His love, faithfulness, but have renewed and revitalized hope and my purpose while continuing to fan the flames of my dreams.

Key 100pxWhile those moments of questioning serve as darts attempting to pierce my confidence, I know my Father’s voice and have heard His dreams for my life.  And that is the encouragement and hope I want to pass on to you through speaking, coaching or writing.

 I’m not at all big on religious speak —I am down to earth, authentic, and transparent. I KNOW how difficult it is to wait.  I’ve been there. I have learned to take my life off of “pause” and enjoy the gift of every day.  While waiting, I have learned to live life and laugh while walking with the hope and confidence that what matters to me has ALWAYS mattered to Him,  My heart is that you will find hope, understanding and a renewed sense of purpose that will rekindle the dreams that have never left your heart.